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We are a publishing company of a variety of services and products. Our premier product, the DIY Financial Success Essentials Club plan available at CountYourEggs.com, provides DIY personal financial management tools, methods, information, and support.

Our company site is crafted with a combination of WordPress, Elementor, various essential and optional plugins, a little bit of custom CSS, JS, HTML, some GIMP, an iOS clip, and a few mugs of precious, precious coffee.

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About VillagePort Publishing

Hello, my name is Bob Kondek, the owner/operator of VillagePort Publishing LLC. Back in February 1999, when the internet was the coolest and hottest thing on the planet, I registered the villageport.com domain – my first!

Ever since then, this website has served as the homepage for VillagePort Publishing LLC, established in 2006. The original intent of this business was to provide online marketing services for small-town businesses and organizations.

portrait of Bob Kondek

Based on what can be seen here now, that initial self-employment idea didn’t get very far. However, the “work” of designing, creating, and maintaining WordPress websites has never stopped. Likewise, ventures into new online marketplaces continue.

Our newest project is the subsidiary business CountYourEggs.com, an online education site that provides DIY personal finance tools, courses, and information. Learn more at LinkedIn.


Here is a brief history timeline of what has been and is VillagePort Publishing today:

  • February, 1999 –
    • Domain registered, manual HTML site creation, backend technical operations
  • March, 2003 –
    • Explorations into CMS website tools: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!
  • September, 2006 –
    • VillagePort Publishing LLC officially registered
  • November, 2012 –
    • Comprehensive website services operations commence
  • November, 2023 –

Portfolio of VP Websites


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