VillagePort Publishing LLC serves as the parent business of a variety of online revenue projects. Currently, the only public-facing project is that known as CountYourEggs.com, an online course site that teaches a variety of spreadsheet skills used in our DIY personal financial templates.

This site is crafted from a combination of WordPress, Elementor page builder, a handful or so of plugins, a little bit of custom CSS, JS and HTML, and about a dozen cups of coffee.


Here is a brief history timeline of what has been and is VillagePort Publishing:

  • February, 1999 –
    • , design and build up including plugins, themes/child themes, menus, pages, blog, templates, forms, widgets, styleguide, more
  • January, 2000 –
    • development: Words. Images. Videos. Yes, with SEO in mind.
  • PMarch, 2003 –
    •  Domain name registrations, transfers and sales; web hosting contracts; security, specialty and premium services accounts; website process development; website requirements gathering
  • February, 2006 –
    • Webmaster Services: back-end updates (CMS, plugins, themes); backup management & restore services; security configurations; email accounts; website metrics reports; basic GDPR policy page & data management; site health monitoring; troubleshooting
  • May, 2020 –
    • : online presence; design mock-ups; basic user experience review; subdomains; small business operations; CMS and cPanel training/tutoring; advertising campaign ideas; sales funnels
  • February, 2023 –
    • CountYourEggs.com online course idea arrives
  • May, 2023 –

About VillagePort Publishing

Always staying current with the times, the domain name “villageport.com” was officially registered in February, 1999 – my first! – and remains in service now under VillagePort Publishing LLC. 

portrait of Bob Kondek

Hello, my name is Bob Kondek, the owner/operator of VillagePort Publishing LLC with more than 20 years of experience in Information Technology. After exploring various ways to build the skills for a “backup plan” job, I now set forth on a new venture and join the creator economy movement with my first online course under CountYourEggs.com dba. 

Portfolio of VP Website Concepts


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